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Founded in 2002 in Hong Kong, Lion Forestry trades in timber and timber related products.

We specialise in unprocessed round timber logs and sawn timber, sourced mainly from Malaysia, South East Asia, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, and exported principally to India and Bangladesh, where we maintain a portfolio of 200 buyers. We also engage in plywood sales to Middle Eastern markets.

The company is helmed by founder Mr Mohammed Azim Ali, whose 15 years of on-the-ground experience in the timber industry has forged strong supplier partnerships and drives the company’s continued growth. Lion Forestry achieved a turnover exceeding US$200 million for the year ending June 2016.

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Our Businesses

Round Logs

Our round logs include Radiata Pine sourced from New Zealand and hardwoods from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. These are exported to India and China, two major markets where we enjoy extensive access and provide continuous supply.

Our Businesses


Three types of plywood are commonly recognised – veneer core, lumber core and particleboard core. The plywood we manufacture includes a cross-banded assembly made of layers of veneer, or veneer in combination with a lumber core, particleboard core or other type of composition material, as well as plies joined with an adhesive. From our factories in China, the plywood is exported in Commercial, Film-faced and Decorative forms to markets in the Middle East.

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